Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hectic Sunday

Finally we were able to go back to JB since hb did not need to go back to work last weekend, and we promised my mum that we'll go source for furnitures for her new house. The kiddos were so excited to be able to go back to Malaysia. They woke up very early, bathed and dressed up and were waiting eagerly for us to start our car. We were a bit shocked to find that there was a little bit of traffic jam at 2nd Link (Tuas), we guessed must be the 2 newly opened megamall near Bukit Indah that attracted so many Singapore cars to drive in thru Tuas. Of course, we joined in the fun and went to the newly opened JUSCO mall (located near my mum's house) for some breakfast / brunch. Tried out a Japanese restaurant and their food was quite fresh and delicious. The mall was quite big and spacious...we were feeling a little bit tired and decided to go to our JB house for a rest.

YS was enjoying himself splashing and playing with the water hose at our JB house
After some rest, we were out on a mission. Buying furnitures was a breeze for us as my mum did her homework & surveyed a few furniture shops previously, so we just went to the few shops that had the designs she fancied. Within an hour, we were done with the selection and bought the furnitures. After dinner, we went to the nearby Sutera Mall and the kiddos took some pictures with the big x'mas tree (not very fanciful but at least better than nothing). After we were done with our shopping at Carrefour, all of us were so dead tired. The children were knocked out within half an hour in the car and slept thru all the way home.

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