Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Mr Men Show

Just like all parents, I was fortunate to be able to catch the Mr Men Show @ Compasspoint during the weekend. I did not know there was such a show initially, just so happened that I was left alone with the 2 kiddos at home again and I wanted to bring them there to buy some colouring books. After we had lunch & done our shopping, it was just in time for the kiddos to watch the show. Of course, I'm not that fortunate to grab a good seat for them. Instead, we went to the 2nd level and watch the show from afar...(still visible lah...at least better than nothing rite?). At least, the kiddos were enjoying the whole show till it ended.


  1. I was there last weekend too! :)

    on saturday .. happened to catch the 4pm show as my purpose was to go library

  2. Oh wow..the show was great isn't it?