Thursday, December 11, 2008

39 Months

Our 39 months old boy is very excited whenever he passes by the new school & will show his eagerness by telling us that he wants to go to the new school. I really hope the new environment will entice his enthusiasm to learn more new things. My observation on him for the past month is:
1) He will asks plenty of questions when he's in doubt.
2) He has lots of request, wants us to buy this and buy that for him.
3) He still clings on to his pacifier and smelly pillow (*shake head*).
4) He tends to fight with his lil sis over toys & other things that his lil sis is holding on.
5) His temper is quite bad at times (until mummy has to punish him by standing at the naughty corner or close him in the room till he finishes his nonsense).
6) He has better control on how to hold his pencil or colour pencil (can see slight improvement in his colouring skill & able to write a few numeric symbols and alphabets without any assistance).
7) He is very picky on food and will puke out any the food that he dislikes.
8) He is quite straightforward and will say whatever is on his mind (I guess he still dunno the consequences of saying the wrong things at the wrong timing :P)

P/S: Mummy hopes that he will grow wiser and improvement in his behaviour after he starts school next year...*cross fingers + toes*

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