Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Highrise Litter Bug

Recently, I was getting quite annoyed with the high rise litter bug problem around the area I'm living. Torn pieces of papers flew into our kitchen balcony or onto our air con unit area located outside our bedroom (the problem is I did not know those papers flew in from which level). The handwriting on those papers were written in either Malay or Indonesian language & I suspected it might be one of the kampung maid who had nothing else better to do and threw down these papers to "beautify" the area. This happened consecutively for a few weeks & I was freaking pissed off. It had reached to my maximum level of tolerance & decided to emailed my concerns to the HDB. As soon as HDB gave out notices to the residents living within that block, the nonsense stopped gradually.

Yesterday morning on my way to the carpark, I was shocked to see 4 story books that looked exactly like ours. They were placed nicely near the car waiting area at the void deck. My 1st thought was YS! Did he threw down these books? When did he do it? Tons of question marks were flashing through my brain at that moment. After my mum queried him about those books, he asked my mum to carry him to the front balcony window to see whether the books were still around! Indeed, my 6th sense was right, the culprit was none other but YS *slapped head*. When I went home after work, I told him off the seriousness of his actions and luckily no one was injured. I warned him time & time again that if he ever do such silly act again, the police will come and arrest him. He looked a bit scared after my stern warning and told me that he won't do it again *cross my fingers*.

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