Monday, March 9, 2009

Singapore Science Centre

Hb was feeling enthusiastic to bring the kiddos to the Singapore Science Centre & so did I. The kiddos were excited too when they knew we were going to bring them out to "gai-gai"! We set out before noon time & went to purchase the package (science centre + Imax show). It's a pity that hb & the 2 kiddos dozed off during the Imax show but I enjoyed it though :)
After the outing, we rushed back to Hougang Mall as YS had to attend his weekly music lesson. By the time we reached home after dinner, the kiddos were so tired & fell asleep immediately after they had their nice warm bath.

Re-entry stamps on our hands

Fake dinasour that YS was so afraid to go near to take a picture
Reflections of the metal balls

Posed with butterflies on stilts

Hb's head for dinner?


  1. hahaha!! I love that photo of Yongyi's head on the table!

  2. :) i also took a pix of the 'fruit platter' head last year...my son cried like mad tat time coz he couldn't find my body...hehe