Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Motherhood has taught me not to be lazy & ignore certain things in life, especially when it concern my children's health & future. When YS arrived into the world, he was not a very particularly quiet baby. He will wake me up during odd hours for milk, refused to sleep, cried a lot. One of the ways to comfort him is to stuff him with a pacifier so that he could sleep in peace. Pacifier was my saviour! I completely ignore to quit this habit for him until we realised that the structure of his jaws was affected. His teeth were slightly affected that he couldn't close his mouth completely most of the time. We suspected the pacifier could be one of the reasons that affected the development of his jaw & teeths.
He's turning 4 this year & now I am trying to help him quit the habit *guilty mummy*, hopefully in time to come we can bring him to a proper paediatric dentist for a check.
P/S: Can anyone recommend me a good dentist for children?

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