Monday, March 16, 2009

YQ-21 Months & YS-42 Months

YQ- Progression is quite smooth for her. She is pacifier free for 8 days already...although she will still ask for it at times. When I reminded her that her "chu-chu" is missing, she has no choice but to cling on to her smelly pillow for comfort. She likes to dance & sing. She likes to walk instead of being carry by anyone of us.

YS- The word "why" is now his favourite question? Always ask me why this and why that, sometimes I don't even have an answer to his "why". He is pacifier free for 2 days already & I'm very happy for him. Some people advice me to use chilli or bittergourd to scare him away but I did not. We went back late on Saturday night & I purposely hid his pacifier away & told him that he left it behind at the relative's house & forgot to bring it back. I took this opportunity to tell him that I will double his sticker reward if he can forgo his "chu-chu" that night. It worked! Miracle! Although at night, he will grumble & threw a little bit of temper, but when I told him once he accumulated 10 stickers, he will receive a new toy. He felt much better after hearing what I said.
Our random conversations:
YS: Mummy, why today no school?
Mummy: Becoz today is Saturday & tomorrow is Sunday
YS: Why teachers never come to school?
Mummy: Becoz they have no class today & tomorrow
YS: Why teachers do not stay in school?
Mummy: Becoz they have their own house to stay
YS: Mummy, where do teachers stay?
Mummy: How do I know? *Blur*

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