Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Sun, The Sea & The Sands...

We brought along all the sand building related toys & drove to East Coast Park. The kiddos were excited as they never tried playing with sands near the seaside. Both of them were scared initially & complained that their hands & legs were dirty. YS was reluctant to walk on the sands initially. This outing was a good start to expose them to a different environment. At the end of the session (In actual fact it only lasted for 45 minutes, coz the weather was getting hotter), they were reluctant to leave & insisted to come again another day. Poor me! I was sun burned even though I did not participate. I was feeling unwell & sat around 100 metres away from them. But I did promise them that we will come another day for cycling :)

The kiddos enjoyed the ice-creams after a tiring day....yummy!

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