Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Both kiddos were grounded at home since last Friday till Sunday coz they were sick. Yes...stuck at home on National Day...poor thing!
I decided to make it up to them & brought them to Vivo on Monday (which was a public holiday). I went to Daiso to grab some stuff & bought each of them a binocular (cost $2 each only). As we walked on, we passed by this build a bear workshop. The kiddos were so excited & I decided to take a look inside.
In the end, I'm $xxx poorer when we left the shop. But at least YS got his advance b'day present from us & kept saying thank you the whole day. Let the pictures do the talking....
YS & YQ chose an empty bear, they were brought to this machine.

They were asked to step on the accelerator to fill up the bear

YS showed a Victory sign

Each of them took a heart
They were asked to hold the heart in their palm, shake shake, rub rub & make a wish!
They were asked to put the heart into the back of the bear & the staff sewed up their bears for them
They were at the "washing area" to wash & scrub their bears

YS got a NBA outfit for his bear & YQ got a Hello Kitty outfit for her bear

They were asked to key in their bears' name & registered for the birth certificate
YS was showing off his bear & its official birth certificate
Final pose by satisfied customers before leaving the shop
Proudly presents "Bear Bear" & "Kitty Bear" officially born on 10th August 2009


  1. Wah, you're a very generous mom, my kids are so envious of yours, hee hee! And a dedicated & hardworking blogger too, with all these detailed photos! Will share your sweet blog with my friends! Is it ok? ^_^ Yes, let's meet up too!

  2. HI Janet,
    Thanks for the compliments, makes me feel the motivation to update this blog more often :)
    Of course it will be great to meet up for coffee some day!