Tuesday, August 18, 2009

YQ-26 Months / YS-47 Months

It's been almost 2 months plus in the new ccc, both kiddos are adjusting faster than my expectation. YQ's teacher feedback to me that her appetite is better now & is very attentive in class. As for YS, his teacher said that his English vocab is improving and he is reponding back in English language during his conversation with teachers.

They hardly co-sleep with me at night for the past few weeks, although occasionally YS will wake up in the middle of night & look for me. Seems like the kids are going through another phase of their growing stage :). Although they are still very noisy, active & demanding at times, they can be quite an angel too!

Although both of them do fight for toys & attention but YS is beginning to learn how to be a big bro to his lil' sis. For e.g, he will assist YQ to wear her shoes at times, he will try to give in to her nonsense at times.

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