Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday Boy

Been a pretty busy week for our lil' boy after celebrating his b'day in school on last Friday & at a restaurant with my fil & bil on Sunday (coz all their b'days fall in Sept).
For the school party, I ordered a 3 kg Winnie the Pooh cake from Bengawan Solo & 80 goodies packs from this website (which is very convenient for me coz save the hassle of sourcing & packing).

Pooh Bear Firemen cake chosen by YS

Ah ma, mummy & papa attended the b'day party in school

Classmates of YS

Eating time

YS distributing the goodies bags to his classmates

As for the Sunday buffet lunch with relatives, my fil decided to hold the party @ Parkway Thai Restaurant. The chocolate cake was sponsored by my mil from awfully chocolate (thank you!). A big thank you to all the relatives for their ang baos & presents!

Last Saturday afternoon, I brought the kiddos to experience the hippo cruise tour @ clarke quay. The cashier was kind enough to waive off YS's ticket fee..hehe! It was quite fun even though the tour only lasted for 30 minutes. At least the children got to know see the actual merlion.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the advice! :) Looks like your kids had fun!