Friday, September 18, 2009

YQ-27 Months / YS-48 Months

YQ is going thru the Terrible 2 stage now & has been throwing her missy temper whenever & wherever...*faint*. Just when I thought I'm finally over with this stage with YS & I have to start all over again with YQ. However, I'm a little relieved that YS can be such a doting & understanding bro to his little demanding & stubborn sis. He will give in to his sis's unreasonable request most of the times.
Till now YQ is still on diaper, I hardly toilet train her as I am always "busy" at home. There's hardly a time I can really sit down for 10 minutes & rest on the sofa when they are awake.

As for YS, he has grown quite a bit physically & his way of talking & communicating with us has improved slightly. Occasionally he will help us with some errands in the house when he's in a good mood. Otherwise, he will be so engrossed in his tv programs that he will pretend not to hear anything (inherited from his papa) *wink*
I had arranged for a short holiday getaway to Bangkok in early October. The kiddos are very excited for the upcoming trip as this will be their 1st time taking a plane. I hope it will be a fulfilling trip for them to learn & see more about the culture difference in another country.


  1. Don't worry about being on diaper; Kai who is much older than YQ is still not toilet trained yet. Training him is tough, a lot of mopping and cleaning when he feels like peeing any where. Sigh!

    Enjoy your Bangkok trip. Hope the terrible two's will not visit YQ during the trip :)

  2. Yah man...I hope she will be on her best behaviour during the trip!