Monday, September 28, 2009

Grand Prix Fever

Just when the S'pore Grand Prix had finally come to an end on Sunday night with Lewis Hamilton came in 1st in the race. Our big boss of the family decided to sponsor 1 new swing car to the kiddos...they were so happy coz they did not need to fight over 1 swing car from now onwards! Now they can Zoom..zoom..zoom....around the house like nobody business.

Warming up....see who's swing car will come in 1st?

Why is he staring at me? Who say girl cannot be a racer?

So who won the race? All are happy winners....


  1. The kiddos got into the F1 fever as well? They look so happy and cute posing in their vehicles :)

  2. Tks for the compliment!They only know racing cars, no idea about F1 at all :)