Thursday, October 22, 2009

HFMD (part 2)

The thing that I do not wish to happen to YQ has finally happened.... she was having slight fever on Tuesday evening when I picked her up from school but the teacher told me there were no symptoms of HFMD from her yet. But to be safe, I quickly brought her home to take some fever medicine & bathed her. I brought her to our nearby GP after dinner for consultation. Yup, she was diagnosed by the GP that she had HFMD now...so she is resting at home with YS. I'm sure my mum will be even more tiring having 2 active sick children running around in the house. Hopefully they will recover faster in time & go back to their school for the class photo taking next Wednesday.

The weird thing is both of them only has red spots & ulcers appeared in their mouth & not other various parts of their bodies. After reading through some articles online, it was found that some people really only have the outbreak in their mouth only. So maybe I'm a little bit too paranoid :)

YS is still recovering & his ulcers are almost subsided. Surprisingly, the principal told me that YS's classmate who was sick on the same day as him has already resume back to school activity yesterday. Apparently, the kid's condition was not due to HFMD but was actually due to heatiness in her body. Anyway, I felt it's better for my children to resume back to school after they have fully recover & prevent them from spreading to other children in school.

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