Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Updates

The kiddos have recovered from HFMD already & went to school just in time for the annual school photo taking. As for me, last week was slightly busy for me as I went to the Wine for Asia 2009 event. Got to know some new friends from the same trade & tasted some very interesting wines & of course how can I miss out on my favourite German Riesling :)

At the Wine for Asia trade show

My colleagues- Linda (left) & Ariel (right)

Mr. Richard Buller (the winemaker)

Enjoyed a quiet dinner with dh @ Shokudo (City Hall)..yum..yum..

Last weekend, I brought the kiddos to Daiso to get some stuff. And the shop has started selling X'mas decorations already. This reminded me that this whole year passed so fast, and in about 2 months time is X'mas Day!

My conversation with YS:
YS: Mummy where are we going?
Myself: We are going to Daiso.
YS: Oh...going to Dinosaur.
Myself: No....Daiso & Dinosaur is different. Daiso is a shopping outlet, Dinosaur is an extinct animal.
YS: Nah...it's the same!
Myself: ^_^ *faint*

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