Monday, October 19, 2009


Poor YS was down with HFMD since last Friday morning, heard from his ccc that one of his classmates contracted HFMD as well and both of them were banned from entering the school compound. This is my 1st encounter with HFMD, although past years I have heard about it about the growing percentage of children who contracted HFMD from other ccc.

Immediately I brought him to see the nearby GP to confirm his case & he was given 5 days MC. Initial 2 days, he had slight feverish symptoms but had subsided now. His mouth is still infected by the virus & some of the red spots & ulcers has slowly faded away. Luckily for him, his hands & foots are not infected. I tried to ask him to rinse his mouth with salt water as often as possible, but I guess the wounds were a bit painful for him to endure. Sometimes he will mourn in pain in his sleep.

After reading some cases from the Internet, it was known that HFMD is transmittable from person to person. I am trying my best to prevent him from spreading to his little sis as well as to all of us. Hopefully my little cheeky boy will recover soon...

Red spots spotted on the 1st day

Some red spots faded on the 2nd day


  1. Oh dear... I hope my children won't get this. But luckily for your boy, his condition is limited to the throat. Hope he gets well soon.

  2. Thks tin, it's quite heart pain to see him suffer also. Hope he recover faster...

  3. I hope YS recovers soon...very tough on mummy when the little falls sick.