Monday, October 19, 2009

YQ-28 Months / YS-49 Months

YQ has turned 28th months & still not potty train yet (coz I kept telling myself not to rush her), but she will still signal me when she wants to poo poo or wee wee by doing her big & small business in her diaper. During bath time, she will squat down and wee wee naturally...so it's a small achievement for herself. She has started to show sign of shyness when people looked at her or praised her, but her immediate reflex is to hide away or throw a little bit of missy tantrums (which is bad I know!). That is why I've been telling / nagging to her to behave more graciously by saying "thank you" if she receives any praises from anyone. Nowadays she will tell me what she did or learnt in school. Teachers usually feedback to me that she's very attentive in class and very well behave.

YS has gradually stop his self torture (pinching / hitting) when he's angry. I guess he has come to learn that no matter how hard he tried to do that he still won't get his way. So now he will normally complains a little bit about this and that if we restrict him from doing something. But he knows that punishment will still come after him if he misbehave to an extent. He has become more accommodating & learning how to share with YQ. Sometimes he will act a little bit bossy in front of his lil' sister.

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