Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Updates...

DH surprised them when he brought 2 big Christmas presents back..initially wanted them to wait till the actual day to open the presents, but they can't wait anymore.
DH chose a Hello Kitty playhouse for YQ (my favourite toy too..lols)
DH chose a Ferrari remote control car for YS..but the antenna broke into half the next day when the kiddos were fighting over the remote controller. Certain parts of the car were damaged too. Oh well...I guess we can't buy toys that are too fragile for them.
I bought a tutu skirt for YQ, she loves it and trying to dance like a ballerina.
The kiddos tried to entertain themselves running around at the lobby area outside of the Yum Cha Restaurant @ Serangoon Garden Country Club.
An impromptu Christmas lunch with my mum & in laws, waited almost an hour in the queue.

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  1. Hmm... the Yam Cha restaurant must be new... it used to be Jumbo seafood restaurant.

    I miss the chilli crab from Jumbo at Serangoon country club.