Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Updates

Eh...excuse me! I want to order a small fries & a cup of cold water...

See! it's a piece of cake...so easy to order, I very steady leh...can even carry the tray of food & water by myself.
Mummy treat me ice cream cone only & I'm so happy. Mummy finished the ice-cream coz I can't take cold stuff.

Dinner @ Sakae Sushi

Just a quick update on the kiddo's development:
Both of them are going to start the new school term in another level, YQ has promoted from toddler class to nursery class & YS has promoted from nursery class to K1 class...yah...time to crack my brain to decide which primary school to enrol him into!

YQ @ 30 months has started her potty training & now she's diaper free during the day time. She is going through the rebellious terrible-two stage now and trying all ways to test our patience.

YS@ 51 months is becoming more & more independent...he actually knew how to take order from the MacDonald's counter after some simple instructions from us. He even carried the tray from the counter to our table. We were so surprised & were unable to stop smiling the whole night...our little boy has really grown up so much!
Apparently YS has a classmate who likes to follow him around since his 1st day of school..let's call her Ms. C
Ah Ma: How come today Ms. C followed behind you when you go to the toilet?
YS: I dunno ? (pondered for a while)
Mummy: ya, why huh?
YS: Becoz she loves me & I loves her...
Mummy: Boy, do you know the meaning of love? You cannot just anyhow say "I love you" to any girl you know?
We were laughing not becoz his answer is so direct & so sure but kids are innocent anyway...they were just trying to be nice to each other. But from another point of view, it's not so bad that my son has an admirer in school.

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