Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kiddos Progress...

Both of them had recovered from the terrible food poisoning and now YS is down with cough & flu...hopefully he will get well soon enough before CNY.

YS is still bombarding me with all the "WHYs" when I had repeatedly explained the answers to him. Now he is starting his phonics class at our nearby community centre & he seems to like it (which is a good sign). YQ is still displaying her terrible twos behaviour to us...which I'm hoping this phase will pass over soon.

With the new helper around, I have more time to bring them down to the void deck for swing car exercise and of course more time to supervise them. They are not very clingy to the helper which is quite a relief to me, coz I'm worried that they will become too lazy and depend on the helper to do everything for them. I will try to make sure for certain tasks they still need to rely on themselves. Independence is still a very important mindset I try to cultivate to my children, I believe this will help them to be more decisive when it comes to making a decision to do something.

YS: Mummy, why human being cannot fly?
Mummy: Because we do not have wings.
YS: So if I eat bird eggs, I will have wings like them and be able to fly up high into the sky....
Mummy: Does that mean that if I eat chicken eggs, I will have chicken wings? *laughed out loud*

Probably I should bring him to go and watch the latest movie "tooth fairy", think he will be fascinated to see human being with wings.

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