Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pregnancy No. 3 - Diet

The most terrifying thoughts that most preggy women have to go through is weight gain during pregnancy & how to lose away all those fats after giving birth. Unlike some lucky people who inherited good genes from their mothers were able to lose all the post-pregnancy weight easily. I guess I'm not one of those lucky ones, although my past post-natal weight gain might not be as serious as compared to others but I still need to put in quite a bit of effort to lose that bit of pounds accumulated for the past 2 pregnancies.

Since this will be my last pregnancy, I hope to slim down faster and able to wear back those pretty clothing sooner. I will not skip my post-natal massage this time round and I will be more diligent to wear my binder as often as possible to regain my S figure..:P

Of course, our diet plays a big role in our pregnancy too. The older generation always thought that pregnant women should consume twice the amount of food coz we are feeding 2 people at the same time. But research has shown that this mentality is wrong, we still need to eat of course but in moderation. I came across this article in mum centre's website & wanted to share it with all the preggy women out there, feel free to take a look here.