Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY Celebrations

Mr Smiley on 1st day of CNY...

Ms. Moody on 1st day of CNY...
The 3 beauties (Ms. Shanghai, Ms. Aussie, Ms. Singapore)
DH brought the excited kiddos to look for monkeys @ Mandai area..Kawaii neh!
It is their customary for the childrens & grandchildrens to kneel down and say our CNY greetings to my in-laws.
Lao Yu Sheng @ in-laws' house
The official CNY holidays were over in a breeze & quite tiring too. We went to pray to the ancestors from my in law's side & of course went to "bai nian" to a few relatives' house. YS was lucky enough not to get sick during this festive season as I was trying to control his diet before hand. Surprisingly, I did not consume much cookies or tidbits & no craving for pineapple tarts (though I snacked on a few pieces just for fun)!

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