Friday, March 5, 2010

Unlucky year...

Feeling a bit slack recently, probably it's due to my pregnancy that I felt so lethargic so often. Met with a minor accident along our way to Ikea...ya ya... blamed myself for my own carelessness and distraction from the kiddos in the car. Although everyone was not injured during the small ordeal..my mum was the most shaken by the whole incident. Now I'm $$$ poorer and must be very thrifty this month liao..sigh!

Now I set rules in the car with my kiddos:
1) None of them are suppose to sit in the front seat with me. Both of them must be station at the back and each of them must sit apart from each other (which means one on the left side and the other on the right side).
2) No eating, arguing, crying and fighting in the car.

I hope with these rules in the car, I can concentrate better in my driving and ensure everyone's safety from now on.

I have officially became YQ part-time personal hairdresser at home whenever her fringe requires trimming. My mentor (who is my mummy) taught me some trimming techniques. Now I can handle it without any help. I can even trim my own fringe when necessary :P
Sometimes I tried to trim her fringe layer by layer and looked so pro infront of her. Of course the 1st thing is to get a decent scissors for haircut. Found very useful & informative video to share:

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