Thursday, April 22, 2010

1st Swimming Lesson

Getting excited for his 1st swimming lesson

So many people came to support him & join in the fun at the pool.

Due to YS's asthma condition, we decided it will be best for him to take up swimming as a sport to strengthen his lungs. He was pretty excited about the swimming class and was anticipating about it one week before the official lesson started. Coach S was a stern teacher and he taught YS how to float (with the aid of using floating boards) and blew bubbles in the water. Of course, our little boy was exhausted after the 1 hour lesson and started to complain to me why he has to swim in 2 different pools and accidentally swallowed the water while swimming. I was quite relieved that he did not cry and hope that with more encouragement, he will be able to pick up the swimming techniques smoothly.

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