Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama

Chaotic preparation of those red eggs for my dearest mummy nearly gave me a nervous breakdown on Sunday morning & I thought the mission was nearly impossible. Nothing seemed to be on the right track and the red colouring dye did not seem to stick onto the egg shells. I was panicked and went online to look for the correct "recipe" in order to make those red eggs looked more presentable. I did not know that I have to add salt to the boiling water to cook those eggs & I definitely did not know that I have to add a little bit of white vinegar to the red colouring dye & water. After a little bit of hoo-haa in the kitchen, I finally produced 2 nice looking red eggs for mummy. But guess what? Those eggs were not cooked long enough and the egg yolks were still half boiled :P. Anyway, it was a good attempt for me and mummy was very happy to receive it.

The day before her b'day, we brought her for a seafood feast located @ big splash (The Seafood Int'l Market & Restaurant), it was a seafood a-la-carte buffet and we were so full when we left the place. I bought a b'day card and asked the kiddos to write their names and messages on it. No fancy cake as mummy requested not to have any this year.

The next morning, we brought along mummy & her best friend for a sumptuous dim sum brunch at Serangoon Gardens Country Club. YS was very talkative as usual and asked his Ah Ma her actual age.

YS: Ah Ma, how old are you now?
Ah Ma: *used her fingers to show a Five and a Three*
YS: Oh, you're 8 years old now?
Ah Ma: It's not 5+3, I'm 53 my dear....
* we had a good laugh because of his innocence & happy at the same time that he knew his addition*

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