Thursday, April 1, 2010

Asthmatic Attack

YS on O2 mask due to low level of O2 in his blood

Machine to monitor his O2 & heartbeat level

Our dear son had asthma attack on Tuesday night, by the time we brought him to KK hospital for consultation & treatment. He was advised to stay in the hospital for further observation & more treatments in the wee hours on Wednesday morning. Poor boy was breathing very hard and his chest was very tight according to the doctor. His wheezing sound was quite bad as well. All the 1 bedded and 4 bedded were fully taken, so I took up the 5 bedded air-con room for him instead. But YS was quite happy when he knew that he's able to sleep in an air-conditioned place *faint*. Of course, he's still the hyper active & smiley boy in the ward and the nurses were very happy to play & joke with him all the time.

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  1. Hope YS is feeling much better now. I hope u are taking it easy as well...it's tough when our little ones fall ill.