Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Fetal Assessment Result

The result for the 20th weeks fetal assessment scan was out & gynae told me that everything was normal except that the position of my placenta was low. So whether I like it or not, gynae told me that cesarean will be the best option for my case. I was quite worried but gynae assured me that everything will be fine. I went online to search for information about this low placenta issue. Of course, I hope in the later stage of my final trimester, everything will be fine like what the gynae had said.

As usual, the kiddos were very excited to have the chance to see their little brother in mummy's womb. YS was trying to see the images on the ultrasound scanning monitor and my gynae was scanning so fast from left, right, up and down and told YS that position of didi's head, tummy, hands, legs & heartbeat...everything flashed so fast that there wasn't enough time for YS to see properly. After a while, YS asked a funny question:-

YS: Why didi looked so black?
Gynae: I'm using the black and white monitor, not the coloured monitor. That is why everything is in black and white.
YS: Oh....

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