Thursday, June 3, 2010

Progress Report (Jan-Jun 2010)

It was the Parent-Teacher meeting again for the half yearly progress report of the children.

YQ's teachers feedback about her:
1) Very independent in class.
2) Obedient and able to follow the teacher's instructions to finish her task accordingly.
3) She is able to express herself more freely and interaction with other children is very good.
4) Obviously her Chinese teacher said she has no problem at all.
5) The only thing to brush up is her English, she is able to understand but has difficulty in expressing / replying back in English. Limitation in vocabulary is her barrier. Sometimes she will mix English & Mandarin when replying back to her English teacher. So I guess I must try to converse with her more often in English.

YS's teachers feedback about him:
1) He can be easily distracted by other things which will affect his learning progress, however when he's very concentrated & attentive to finish a task, he will do it very fast and accurately.
2) A good natured boy who get along well with his friends in school & even compliment them when they did a good job.
3)His level of English is improving but at a slower rate as compared to his fellow classmates whom are from English speaking family. He tends to forget easily & unable to identify words easily. But speech wise is still acceptable.

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