Monday, June 14, 2010


Lovely flowers from hubby

Junior Lim No. 3 @ 32 weeks

Ouch! pain pain...kenna poked 3 times within a week

Due to some pregnancy complications, I was forced to be hospitalised at KK hospital for further scans, blood tests and examinations. Although this will be our last child, he has taken me to experience quite a bit of my very 1st time at KK hospital. 1st time went into their labour ward...1st time took the painful injections (which had to be administered into both of my thighs), 1st time celebrated my b'day in the hospital, 1st time sat on the wheel chair & 1st time to be bed bounded for so many days in the hospital. Oh well...probably this will be a good break for me to be away from work and stress from home, but not good when my family members were stress out because of me. Staying in the hospital has its perks too, hubby bought me flowers & a new pink netbook...felt so touched ! Luckily my mum is around to look after the well being of my kids...thank god!

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