Saturday, May 21, 2011

Short Trip to Perth (140511 - 170511)

At Perth airport early in the morning....

Excited kiddos with hubby & Fil
We had a short getaway holiday to escape the heat from Singapore. Just 3 days of "relaxation" in Perth. The kiddos were very excited 1 month before this trip & had sort of been telling their friends & teachers about it *shake head*.
As for me, I wished the trip can be longer coz the schedule won't be too tight & hectic. I'm sure all the mothers out there will agree with me & they will share the same sentiments as me, haha! *wink*. Overall, I think the kiddos enjoyed the trip more than me.
Due to the time constraint, we only went to visit a few places such as; Chocolate Factory, Perth Zoo & Harbour Town for shopping. All of us were feeling so tired from the overnight flight that we actually missed out on the wildlife park & winery tour. I hope in future, we can stay for at least 5 days if we have a chance to go abroad again. Really hate the feeling of tiredness & discontentment of not being able to visit more places when we have spent $$$ on air tickets. Timing is very important.
P/S: Thanks Brenda & Wayne for the warm hospitality & provided us accommodation at your cosy house :) , & I hope I can go there again SOON :P

Chocolate leftover on YQ's mouth (evidence of our visit to the chocolate factory)

Missed out on the visit to the wildlife park, in the end brought the kiddos to the Perth Zoo :)

Our last dinner before heading to the airport to take our flight back to Singapore

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