Monday, July 18, 2011

Nature Walk @ Hort Park

Honestly I'm not a fan of nature coz I'm quite scare of those 6 legged..8 legged or more legged creatures crawling around. I'm so scare that you can hardly notice any ants / cockroaches or lizards crawling in my house. Oh well..once in a blue moon, some unwelcome friends will pay me a visit at home though..haha!
Anyway, hb wanted to bring the kiddos to Hort Park coz he was quite fascinated with the Alexandra Arch located just beside the park. We went to explore the forest walk from Alexandra Arch all the way up to the Mount Faber Hill. I think in total we walked around 5km to & fro that day..I was quite impressed :) The weather was quite windy that day & I did not feel so tiring after the walk. We went to the Hort park straight after the forest walk & the kiddos had their fun at the various playgrounds over there.

Entrance of Hort Park & I took some pictures using my HTC phone :)
It was quite scary if you looked down from the bridge
Managed to capture some 6 legged friends on the hand railing during our forest walk.
Some self-explanatory boards were available to show us the various bird species over there
Playgrounds & more playgrounds....


  1. You said you hardly had any lizards in your house? How did u do that? can share? I'm so terrified of lizards! Arrggghhh!

  2. Actually I don't have any special method. I did install those long rubber type of thingy on the edge of my door to prevent dust & bigger insects from coming into thru the door. I will try to keep the house neat & clean as often as possible by throwing unwanted "rubbish". My mum is a clean freak & she is very particular about keeping the floor clean. As for me, I will wipe all the furnitures once a week. Any sweet stuff will either be put into the fridge or placed on top of a bowl of water to prevent the ants from coming near.
    So far, these "friends" will only pop by for a visit once in a blue moon. I remembered that I did buy a can of spray specially to deal with the lizard before, the chemical from the spray will make the surface smoother so that the lizard won't be able to cling onto the surface properly :)

  3. Hi Mamamie

    thanks for sharing! I bought that can of spray recently too! But I still find lizard's droppings in the house in the morning... sigh! They like to sneak into the house when nobody is in at night. I will try the rubber thing on my main door, cos' I discovered once a lizard came in from there, and I couldn't do anything but freeze. The lizard also froze in the kitchen (hiding), I tried to call the pest controller but they said they don't "catch lizards"... luckily it was gone by morning... sigh!