Monday, July 11, 2011

P1 Registration Finally....

The Phase 2A(2) Primary 1 registration has finally come & part of my stress is off my load now. The registration process was quite a breeze for me (coz I was a former student there) :)
The exterior structure of Pei Chun Public School had changed quite a bit & they had moved the original front entrance to the other side of the school. I was a little bit lost when I went into the school with hb & YS. Walked past the school canteen reminded me of those days when I had to line up eagerly to get my favourite drink or food during recess time. I did not really have the chance to tour the school entirely as all the students were having lessons. I missed my primary school friends (luckily through facebook network, I've managed to get in touch with 3 of my former classmates..hehe!), my beloved teachers & principal (retired since 2002).
After the registration was over, I was told that the result of the admission will be posted to me a few days later. Not that I want to eavesdropped but the parent before me was so anxious that she asked the staff whether the probability of her child of going in will be high or not? When the staff assured her that it will not be a problem, I can feel her sense of relief :P
Personally, I felt that the Singapore education is good otherwise my mum won't insist I get my education in Singapore since young. The setback now is that the education stress on these kids nowadays is so much more than what we were getting in the past. Even we as parents get to feel the stress with them..sigh! Sad to say, most parents' mentality of education here is like owning a branded car or staying in an expensive house if their children go into prestigious school.
YS bought a can of Milo at the school canteen, he was so shy & excited when hb gave him some coins to buy a drink from the stall. When the stall auntie asked him for $1.10, he just gave the whole bunch of coins to her without realising how much he gave her *shake head*.
Thanks to hb, I managed to take a memorable picture with my boy at the entrance of my former school.

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