Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Easy Recipe on Scones

Thanks to my dear friend (Janet), she gave me such a simple recipe to make yummy scones :)
Suppose to take only 20 minutes to make the scones, but I was taking my own sweet time & took me around 30 minutes to do it. Anyway, the end result was to make sure everyone's tummy was happy! Just nice, I was able to use the new oven toaster that hb won during the lucky draw :)

This recipe only need:
1 cup of pancake mix
1/4 of silken tofu
1 egg
Some butter
Some raisins (you can use chocolate chips or other ingredients to add more flavour to your scones)
Mix the pancake mix with tofu and knead into a dough

Grease the oven pan / aluminium foil with butter
Glaze with beaten egg & add some raisins
Temperature I set to 175 degrees & timer I set to 10-13 minutes

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