Monday, August 29, 2011

Enough or not enough?

Ever since my kiddos started their enrichment classes, I've been asking myself the same question over & over again. How do I define "enough"? Personally, I hope they can learn more things out of their school context but at the same time trying not overload them so that they still have the space to breathe and relax. Some people I know can send their kids for various enrichment classes almost 7 days a week, how scary is that? Or should I say the "kiasu" (scared to lose out) nature in our current society is putting too much stress on these kids & parents? *shake head*

So far both of my kiddos are taking 3 different enrichment classes each week & I try to refrain myself from adding more pressure on them. In fact, I hope they will be able to enjoy the process of learning and not think that they are forced to go because they have to. To some parents, the term "enough" is not their dictionary & they felt that children's brain are like sponge. From birth till age 7 is the best time for them to learn as much as possible & absorb as much as possible.

Some parents felt that children are able to learn & absorb more if they are sent to more enrichment classes. Yes, I do agree partially, but we must try to understand whether do they really enjoy the whole process? (which is more important to my perspective). The homework stress from school is quite a bit for them to handle, let alone the additional homework from enrichment centres.

I hope I do not become one of these parents that put on so much stress on the kiddos but at the same time I try to make sure they are able to cope with what they are learning in school or outside of the school. After all, I wish my children have a happy childhood & not a childhood they hate to talk or reminisce about it as they grow older.

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