Monday, September 12, 2011

Baking Craze

After my 1st attempt of baking scones for the family, I'm in the crazy mood to bake again. This time I tried to bake some peanut cookies & egg drop (I got the egg drop recipe from a mummy blogger site, thanks Pauline ;) ). I went to buy all the ingredients on Friday night & started to do it straight after I came back from work on a Saturday afternoon. By evening time, I was quite tired actually but was glad to see happy faces at home again *smile*. Probably when I'm really really free in the near future, I can bake more cakes...cookies...& other nice food for them. 
Ist attempt failed, the cookies came out slightly burnt..but I love it & finished all of it by myself.

Subsequent attempts were much better, able to control the timing & the heat. The outcome is more yummylicious & presentable :)

Egg Drop - My very 1st attempt to do it & the top layer of egg was kinda hard...will try again next time.

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