Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Transformer Birthday Party

Yesterday YS had a day of Transformer party. Transformer is one of his favourite cartoon and I'm totally clueless about transformer until he tell me those characters that exist in the cartoon. Therefore, we ordered a transformer cake for his birthday celebration in school. I ordered angry bird stationery sets for his classmates & they were delighted to see it, hopefully they will make full use of it for the coming primary school education next year.

As hb & Ah Ma & little bro were unable to come for his school celebration, I decided to buy another small cake to celebrate for him again at home. Hb gave him a surprise present (yup! transformer again) & also bought presents for his siblings. He taught him that birthday is not just a day of receiving but also a day of giving...so he has to learn to give presents (bought by hb) to his siblings. End of the day, all the kiddos were happy *smile*

P/S: Happy 6th Birthday to my dearest son! Mummy hope that you will grow up to be a fine young man with an ambition to do what is good for you and to the society. To be able to accomplish what you want in life. To become a decisive person & not blindly follow what other people is doing. To be a kind hearted, brave & helpful person.


  1. Happy Birthday YS!
    I'm sure he'd grow up to be a fine young man :)

  2. Thank you :), I guess that every parent's wish for their children..hehe!