Monday, September 5, 2011

Cable Car Ride

Kiddos finally had their cable car rides during the weekend. I thought I was smart enough to exchange my credit card points for free rides, never did I expected to receive hiccup from the bank side. In the end, I was told by the ticketing counter that my vouchers had already expired & could not be used. There I was calling the bank angrily & demanded an explanation from them. After ding dong for almost 20 minutes, I was left with no answer because no one was working in the promotion department *fuming mad*.

I knew kiddos will be very disappointed if I told them to miss the rides for that day so I walked reluctantly to the ticketing counter & bought the tickets. To my surprised, the ticketing counter staff gave me a special discount :) (probably they saw my frustrated face & thought that I would feel a bit better if I did not need to fork out so much for the full amount..haha!)

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