Monday, November 14, 2011

Bad Haircut

Junior YS's hair was getting way too long for him & becoz he perspired very easily sometimes his hair will become totally wet & smelly after that. The last time he had a haircut was when during one month old. Knowing that he will probably cry during the haircut, I dare not bring him to ordinary malay barber shop for a haircut, fearing that we will be turn away from their shop (the reason I said this is becoz we had experienced before when we brought YS for a haircut a few years ago).

So I purposely brought Junior YS to a hair salon at Parkway that specialised in children haircut. Actually, I was quite heart pained to spend $22 just to get him a haircut done but thought he might like the environment there & probably the hairdresser won't chase us out if anything happened. True enough....our little tiger was not cooperative at all & the hairdresser was trying to speed up her action & the hairstyle turned out to be a disaster. Some parts of the hair looked uneven, sigh! I was not very happy with the haircut & requested them to re-cut his hair again. Of course I could not blame them totally but what's done cannot be undone. Probably next time will try to bring him for the $10 haircut instead. 

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  1. I bring Kai to the $10 haircut at Compasspoint level 3.

    For you, Junior YS can sit on your lap while the hairdresser cuts his hair, and he will be entertained by a TV in front of him, although I'm not sure if the TV really helps, cos' there isn't much programme in it.. ha ha. Some of the hairdresser there are good. There's a woman called Fiona (if I remember correctly) - she's good and patient with kids :)