Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kiddos' Progress Report (2nd Half of 2011)

Finally the year end parent-teacher meetings with YS & YQ's teachers were finally over. Overall, I was quite pleased with their progress reports.

YQ has always been the least worrying student in class, she is able to learn & grasp the concept taught by teachers very fast & she is also very helpful in class. Sometimes she acts as a teacher assistant by teaching her peers. She has improved tremendously overall in class & I'm so proud of her achievement.

YS is also quite well behave in class, eager to learn but still need more practice in his English grammar. Overall, he has improved quite a bit in his reading skills. Teachers did not have much complain about him & he has no problem interacting with his classmates at all. Hopefully, he will has no problem during the transition to P1 next year.

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