Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Amatuer Photographer Wannabe

Recently YS has been bugging us to get him a mobile phone with camera function, I guess it must be due to peer pressure *shake-head*. Anyway, we told him that he is still too young to get hold of a mobile phone (which is true isn't it?). Since he is so interested into photography, I shall sacrifice my out of fashion digital camera (since I'm been using my mobile phone to take photos) & let him practise for fun.
Look how happy he was when he brought the camera to school during his Maths & Science camp. As a concerned mummy, I told him some basic functions of handling a digital camera & he picked up my tips very fast. Hopefully, the camera will come back in one piece after the camp :P

I remembered I got my 1st camera (the old fashion type with the film roll) when I was in Primary 4. My mum got it for me as a birthday present & I was so happy clicking away at anything. Of course, when I sent those film rolls for processing, my jaws dropped during payment for the very 1st time. After that, I was very careful on what I needed to capture but sometimes its kind of difficult to control myself :P

Photo from http://www.preserveyourmemories.co.nz/price-list.html
Again, when my mum bought a digital camera during my Diploma graduation and the rest are history. As the technology became more advance, mobile phones started to have very good in built camera functions. I love DSLR camera too but lugging a big camera with 3 active kids ain't no fun at all. I guess I will put that idea on hold until my kids are slightly older. Anyway, I am very interested to see what my boy has captured in his 1st photography experience in the school today!


  1. I love seeing what photographs my girl captures through her eyes as well. Who knows, maybe this is the start of the next brilliant photographer in Singapore!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Awwwwwww!! He's all grown up!

    Share the pics!

  3. Ai Sakura - Thanks, if he really has that talent, I don't mind actually :)

    Regina - I will share the pics once his camp finish.