Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Heart Cupcakes

Small cupcakes that melt my heart :)
So tempted to learn how to make nice & cute cupcakes like these for my loved ones.

Kiddos: Mummy! papa brought a present for you.
Me: har? what present? is it some free gift from somewhere?
Kiddos: No...papa brought back cupcakes
Me: wow...so small & cute :)
*In the end, I only ate one & the rest were finished by them*


  1. I just bought a baking books on cupcake since I'll be trying my hands on baking first time. Going to do it with DinoEgg, so excited!!! Join me Amie!!! Start it with your kids =)

  2. Haha, the funniest part was "in the end I only ate one". So true when you have kids. Everytime I order noodles and if there's like 2 meatball in it, I will only get to eat 1/2. And if it's fishball, I will only get to eat 1 -_-

  3. really such a sweet (pun intended) gift from hubby for you :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  4. "Me: har? what present? is it some free gift from somewhere?"

    Hahaaa!! I would have said the same!!

  5. Jennifer - I hope to do that and try to find the time to do it too :P

    Madeline - seems like you are having the same situation as me. I don't mind to eat lesser but the problem is my weight is not going down..*laughed*

    Ai Sakura - yah...quite sweet, he hardly does that so am quite surprised.

    Regina - He can't blame me for saying that coz usually when he says he has something to give me, those stuff are usually free gifts..lols

  6. That's a really sweet present from your hubby. Mine will never buy cupcakes for me to eat. It's really fun baking cupcakes ..the tedious part is the decorating part though.