Thursday, June 14, 2012

Belated Birthday Celebration @ DB Bistro Moderne

Hubby had a small belated celebration for me as he was not around during my actual b'day. It was very sweet of him & hope there will be more chance we could spend the time together like this :)

Hubby purposely brought me to this French fine dining restaurant (DB Bistro Moderne) located at Marina Bay Sands, he was raving to me about the good food when he brought his group of Japanese friends for dinner last time. We went there during lunch time & ordered some wine to go with the food.

YS followed us during our date & he did not really appreciate French cuisine. But he ate lots of French bread *laughed*. I ordered salmon & Hubby ordered their signature DB burger.

After lunch, YS was so bored that he kept bugging us to find some entertainment for him to play. When he saw the skating rink, he was so happy & requested to try out skating. I was wearing a dress that day so the only person who can skate with YS was none other than hubby :P

We paid $9 (1 hour of skating + loan of the skating shoes) for YS & $10 (1 hour of skating + loan of the skating shoes) for adult. Quite reasonable I must say!

At the end of the day, hubby surprised me with a cake. A belated b'day cake, which I have told him not to buy coz my b'day was over & I'm a little bit superstitious when it comes to late b'day celebration. Oh well...if I'm damn suay or bad luck this year, I will know who caused it :P

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  1. So sweet =) French food tasty? I dunno how to appreciate French food.

    U look pretty in the photo~