Saturday, June 9, 2012

Embracing 35

I have turned 35 but I don't feel like I have gone through 35 years of my life (*pinched my cheeks* to make sure I wasn't dreaming). Wow...its real for sure & there's no escaping from reality for now..haha!

Ang Bao from in laws, thank you :)
Anyway, I had a very very simple b'day celebration with no birthday cake, coz I decided to forgo about the cake celebration this year. My mum has been trying to get a cake for me but I stopped her from doing so, part of the reason was I'm trying to lose weight & partly was hubby was very busy at work the whole day.

Red eggs & Ang Bao from my beloved mummy

However, I had a big present from hubby this year, not branded bags but actually the latest Ipad *wink wink*. Yes...finally I had moved over to the dark side but I still like Android. Hubby foresees that I will eventually get myself an Iphone once I started on the Ipad, but I still like my Samsung Galaxy SII :)

I went for a haircut & get my long fringe trimmed so as to look slightly different. We went to Ding Tai Fung & my auntie who came down from KL was able to join us for lunch. We went shopping for a few hours & I went to fetch the other 2 younger kids from the school. We proceeded to Changi City Point for dinner, the kids had their favourite MacDonald's meals & ended the day with their usual arcade games. 

Haircut with a slightly shorter fringe

At Ding Tai Fung *burp*, loved their beef noodle soup!

Having fun at the arcade


  1. Love your new hair!

    How come the red packet is in a bowl? Is that 2 red eggs in the bowl? Cant see clearly....

    1 year older many years wiser =)

    U make me feel so much older *sigh*

    Nevermind! Age does not matter! So long we feel young at heart we will live a happy life!

    Happy Birthday Again!

    Brutally Yours,

  2. Hi there! HAPPY (belated) birthday. Enjoy the year ahead and tons of fun with the new toys (while it will soon become kids' favorite). and I must say, the new hair cut is fabulous on you:)!

  3. Jennifer - Thanks & yes there were 2 red eggs in the bowl. How come there's a red packet in the bowl? I don't know, gotta ask my mum..haha

    PC - Thanks for the compliment :)