Monday, June 11, 2012

Punggol Promenade

I never been to Punggol Promenade until my cousin brought us to Uncle Leong Seafood for dinner. We were told to wait for about half an hour to get seating in the restaurant & I have simply no idea why the queue was so long. Usually long queue = good stuff / food, so we decided to go with the flow :)

While waiting for them to call us once there were seats available, we went to the nearby Punggol Promenade for a walk. Wow...I love this place & thought that probably next time the kiddos can bring along their scooters and scoot their way around this place.

In total we waited half an hour for the seat & half an hour for the food to be served on the table. However, it was worth waiting & the food was really yummy. We will definately be back for more seafood indulgence & exercises for the kiddos.


  1. Wah!! Looks great!

    Will visit soon!

  2. Everyone says it's a nice place but it's just tooooo far away for us! (we live in the central area)