Friday, June 22, 2012

Princess 5th Birthday

Our little girl has turned 5 & she celebrated her b'day in the school. As her b'day fell on the 18th, we had the celebration on the exact date before flying off for our holiday trip the following day. This year, I prepared nice goodie bags for her classmates & the toiletries bags came in different designs. There were Princess, Barbie Doll, Hello Kitty, Ben 10, Lighting McQueen & Thomas The Train. YS was very kind to help me pre-packed all the goodie bags a few days before the party.

This year b'day cake theme was chosen by YQ, she loves Princess stuff so the cake she chose also looked very princess style :P We ordered the cake from Prima Deli & the cake was deliverd on time to my work place.

As usual, hb was stucked at work so Ah Ma, YS & myself came down to celebrate with her in the school. When her teachers & classmates saw her cake, they were enticed by the design. I bet inside YQ's heart she must be so happy :)

This was the part where every children loved, the goodie bags giving session. YQ was thinking hard who to give first, when I asked her why she took so long to think. Her reply was, "I must see who is more obedient!" *smiled*

Even though, hb missed out on the b'day celebration. He did not forget to get her a b'day gift that night. Look how happy she was when she saw her favourite barbie dolls :)

Lastly, thank you GuGu, Gu Zhan, Marie Ee Po, Nai Nai & Ah Ma for the pressies & ang baos.

P/S: Dearest daughter, Happy Bithday to you & may all your wishes come true. Mummy loves & dotes on you. You are always the thoughful daughter in my heart forever :)