Monday, July 2, 2012

School Bullies Better Get Out Of My Sight

I dislike school bullies and I was never one of them. I was quite lucky that I never encountered these nonsense throughout my schooling years, probably I was a "chilli padi" back then & no one dare to disturb me :P

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Last month, I remembered YS's form teacher told me that he was quite popular in the class and a group of girls always chase after him during recess time. This got me thinking for a period of time whether it was good or bad. Turned out it was BAD! Recently YS complained to me that this group of girls gathered 2 more boys to join in the chasing game & sometimes they will kicked, punched or stepped on him. 

After I heard all these from him, my 1st question was WHY? Did YS do something wrong to them? Did he disturb them? I was trying to keep myself calm even though my heart hurts when I knew they were bullying him. Of course, I was trying not to jump to conclusion. Personally, I do not mind children having fun playing together but to inflict pain on other people's body is a NO-NO for me.

Me: Why did you play catching with them?
YS: Coz they asked me to....
Me: Did you defend yourself when they bully you?
YS: No
Me: You learnt Chinese gong fu, why didn't you protect yourself?
YS: I can't use gong fu to beat them back
Me: I'm not asking you to beat them back, but its for self protection 
YS: But they have more people & I can't protect myself
Me: *__*

For a period of time, YS complained to me that even though he ignored them, they will still come and disturb him. I thought my son was able to solve this problem himself but apparently the problem still persisted. That's it, I can't endure any longer & decided to email his form teacher about what was going on & seeked his advice on this matter. The teacher investigated for me & guess what? The group of so called "bullies" were punished accordingly. 

Teacher told YS not to play with them anymore & they were warned not to play with him too. Although now they dare not touch YS anymore but the notorious group of girls still do the name calling. I told YS to ignore them coz responding to them will means that he is falling into their trap again. I told him he should not focus too much on them, instead he should learnt how to shift his focus on his studies & mingle with the more obedient students. 

I simply do not understand why kids nowadays are so notorious & they are only in Primary 1. During our younger days, at most when we do not like a person, we will just childishly tell the other party "I don't friend you anymore!" 

If they dare to hurt my son again, I swear to my heart that I will make a big hoo haa & ask to meet their parents. Don't try me, I can be very FIERCE if I want to.


  1. growing up I've not experienced bullies too.. probably because like you I was seemed quite fiesty and also because I had a laissez faire attitude - you don't disturb me, I don't disturb you.

    I don't condone bullying too and sometimes my girl can get a bit rough when playing, but I'll always tell her off. Hope the matter can be settled properly in your son's school.

    Maybe talking to the parents might help if it gets out of hand or doesn't get better. Name-calling is a really terrible act of bullying too.

  2. In our days there are bullies but we probably are the lucky ones that do not get their unwanted attention.

    Bullying comes in any form, physically or verbally thus names calling are a form of bullying too.

    Have to keep an eye on YS, check with him daily whether if the group has been doing something funny or names calling again. Names calling hurts a child's self esteem. I know coz DinoEgg is a victim. Hard to imagine that since he was always doing the physical bullying in school (ooppsss lol) If the kids still continue to do that, bring it up to the form teacher again.

  3. I feel for you already. Our education system is already so stressful, now we got to deal with "bullies" at P1? so ridiculous manz..
    For such a time, I may seriously consider sending my son to some Taekwondo class.. =)
    Chin up, mommy, you are definitely not alone. I will be keeping your darling son in prayers. =)

  4. Ai Sakura - I will definately resort to talking to their parents if the problem persist.

    Jennifer - I've been checking with him every single day & trying to make sure he is not hurt by them anymore.

    Wendwinner - You should send your son for some self defence class, I mean its good to know how to protect oneself when the need arise :)

  5. I was bullied by a schoolmate when i was in pri 1... & He is pri 3 or 4 I'm not sure.. I never give in once! I'm those who will fight back.. But of course we will never encourage children to fight... If this carry on... Is better to meet their parents & let them know u mean biz...

  6. Gosh bullies at Pri 1? Notorious kids man. You did the right thing by asking your son to ignore them as they will get more thrill if their "target" fights back. Hope the teachers will monitor their actions more closely to prevent a similar incident from happening.

  7. I've ever had to deal with bullies who kept hitting my sister and calling her nasty names on the school bus. I was so pissed I hit them back and WARNED them to stop but they refused. I shielded my sis and got hit many times so I had no choice but to fight back. Then their dad came down to scold me but I IGNORED him and pretended he was talking to the air. Haha. I will stand up for what is right and not give a crap even if you are a freaking parent ok. Btw, I was only Primary 5 lol

  8. Wendy - Yah...its true we should never encourage them to fight unless its for self defence.

    Susan - Now his form teacher is to update me if there's anything going on in the school, so I'm sort of half relieved :)

    Madeline - Wow...u power puff girl or what? But standing up for your sis is the right thing to do & u're defending her coz she was being bullied :)