Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rest & Relax ~ Balinese Experience (Day 2 & 3)

After a night of massage, I felt refreshed & looked forward to our 2nd day in Bali. The villa provided yummy breakfast spread for us to enjoy at our own pace before we embarked our adventure for the day. Since we only have so limited time here, hb planned a full day trip for the kiddos.

1st stop - Turtle Island (Tanjung Benoa)
While waiting for the boat, we saw lots of sea sports activities going on, it was a pity we did not bring any swimwear out from the villa, otherwise we could have try out the banana boat rides, under water walks, etc.... *sad*

We took a 20 minutes glass botton boat ride to reach Turtle Island. We paid about Rp750,000 (after that we realised that we could have bargained for more) for the whole family to get onto the boat & each of us were given a slice of bread to feed the fishes in the sea on our way there.

The kiddos enjoyed feeding the marine fishes & kept throwing small pieces of bread into the sea *smile*. Only Junior YS was a little emo & kept hugging Ah Ma tightly during the boat ride.

Once we reached the island, we were told to pay Rp5000 each for the entrance fee.

We were allowed to hold & touch the younger turtles (around 2-3 years old) but YQ did not dare to go near them. They looked so cute! Tourists were allowed to take picture with other animals & reptiles.

2nd Stop - Horse riding (Saba Beach)
The driver drove us around Sanur area & looked for horse riding activities near Saba beach. Basically its a 1.5 hours horse riding activity but we were worried the kiddos could not take it, hb bargained with the staff to shorten the ride to 30 minutes instead. We paid slightly less than USD100 for 2 kiddos & 1 adult. Not very cheap but it was a good experience for them. Look how happy they were while putting on the helmets. 

As you can see, the sands at the beach are black in colour. I was told that these are volcanic sands :)

3rd Stop ~ Uluwatu Temple.
This Hindu temple is inhibited by tribe's monkeys which, precariously perched atop of cliff hundreds meters above Indian Ocean. This place is also the best spot to see sun set. We paid Rp2000 each for entrance fee.

We were told to stay away from these monkeys in the temple as they were quite notorious to the people at times. They will try to snatch sunglasses, bags or food from tourists :P

We tried some local foods during dinner & went back to the villa to rest. I was enjoying the sea breeze during the last night of stay. Surprisingly we did not go to Kuta area for any dining or shopping, but venturing into other parts of Bali was equally an eye-opener for us. 


  1. Why no local food photo? *hungry*

    I wanna go horse ridding!!!! kekekeke~~
    Must bargain n bargain when at such tourist attractions.

    Looks like its a great tip for u & ur family! Maybe I'll try to hint hint to Daniel to go there too.

  2. Jennifer - U should go! Initially I have my reservations about going to Bali too, but I loved it after this trip :)
    No time to take much on the food lah, so hungry leh! By the time I remember, all the food was gone :P