Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rest & Relax ~ Balinese Experience (Day 1)

We are back from the Bali island...& I'm trying to recover from a bad flu now. Its a very short trip (3 days 2 nights) and slapped myself for not planning a longer trip for the family. Never mind, there will always be next time yah! Officially we only have one and a half day to play in Bali so time is very precious :)
Note: I'm only using my Samsung Galaxy S2 to take all our holiday pics, so if the resolution is not good, please bear with me :)
We reached Singapore Terminal 1 slightly earlier to hang around the place longer & took our own sweet time to check in, had late breakkie & shopped.

A very important tip I learnt from my not so frequent flying experience with my kiddos, always prepare a packet of chewy/jelly sweets and let them eat during the flight's take off & landing down coz it will help to ease the air pressure in their ears. My 2 older kiddos had bad experience with air pressure & they will always cry when they feel the pain caused by the air pressure. I just learnt another new tip from the air stewardess during this recent trip, they gave YQ 2 plastic cups filled with damp tissues (stuffed into the cups) and put them over her ears. It helped her! Amazing isn't it? Luckily Junior YS was not affected much by the air pressure, otherwise can't imagine having 3 kids screaming & crying at the same time *faint*

Before we came over to Bali, I researched & booked our stay at this Villa Karang Bali which is located in Jimbaran. Hb always wanted a relaxing holiday so I thought this was a good choice with a magnificent ocean view from the villa.

Cold towels & orange juices were given to us upon arrival at the villa. The villa provided a driver to drive us around from 10am to 8pm. They had in house massages service which was very convenient for us.

The natural sea breeze from the ocean was so cooling that I did not really feel like staying in a tropical country at all. Staying in the villa is like a feeling of staying at home, I was day dreaming that one day I can have a similar home like this concept *dreaming again*.

The kiddos couldn't wait to jump into the pool when we just reached the villa :) . They quickly changed into their swimwear & swam for an hour before we left for dinner. When we asked them to come up & get ready for dinner, they asked for more time to be in the pool.

For dinner, we wanted to try out the seafood in Bali so we asked the driver for recommendation & he brought us to the New Matahari Cafe. There were a few seafood restaurants situated along beach in Jimbaran & personally I think it's a must do to indulge in their local seafood feast over there.

The restaurant had a seafood stall located at the side entrance for you to choose & decide on the method of cooking for that specific dish. After finished the order, we proceeded to the beach side & sat down. There were live music band & traditional performances for us to enjoy while waiting for the food to be served.

After dinner, we strolled along the beach & enjoyed the cool sea breeze. The kiddos even took the opportunity to take a picture with a Balinese traditional dancer. See how happy they were *smile*

I will continue to tell you more on our Day 2 trip in the next post, have a great weekend everyone!

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