Monday, July 9, 2012

What Are The "Must Have" In The Car

As a mother, I try to equip the car with all these must have stuff during those "what if" days :) I know its not those hip stuff but sometimes these stuff can be my life saver at times. 

1) Wet Wipes
I can't recall the amount of money I spent on wet wipes & have been searching for good & cheap quality which is not harmful to my children & doesn't burn a hole in my wallet. Wet wipes are my life saver when the kids are eating in the car, when the youngest poo-ed in his diaper while I'm driving , when the kids are extremely dirty & sweaty after playing or when they dirtied my car.

2) Children Cds
When my kids are done with their squabbles, bored with the scenery outside, not allowed to play with my mobile phone and trying to irritate me with their many "why". I will play their favourite Cds to entertain them, they will either sing together or fall asleep :P

3) Sweets & Snacks
To ease their hunger for the time being especially when we need to drive back to JB for errands. The time spent in the car during traffic jam always seem like unbearable for the kiddos. At least their snacks will help divert their attention for a while.

4) Jackets
Doesn't matter if they need to wear or not. I always try to remember to standby jackets for them in the car, you never know when the rain will come & some shopping centres' air-conditioning are extremely cold too. We always try to minimize the chances of them catching a cold.

5) Diapers
When diaper bag runs out of diapers, extra diapers in the car do help when we are unable to buy immediately. I know...Singapore is very convenient, we can get it from anywhere. Standby is better than "you never know what will happen" right? On days when we need to travel to JB and older kiddos need to shit or urine in the middle of the traffic jam or we can't find the nearest toilet for them, these are my life saver too.

6) Empty mineral water bottles
I do standby a few empty mineral water bottles but I'm not trying to hoard any rubbish in the car. This is extremely useful for boys only coz can be used as temporary "toilet" emergency when they can't hold their urine any longer & need to release it during traffic jam. I know it might sound gross but at least its better then getting the whole car wet & smelly with their urination.

7) Spare set of clothing
When we bring them to the beach, do any sport activities or clothing are dirty during meal times. We can always use the spare clothing so that they will feel more comfortable. 

8) Plastic Bags (recycled if possible)
With all the pooing, peeing & eating in the car, plastic bags are very useful at times like these. At least you can just throw all the rubbish into it and tie it up so that no funny smell lingers too long in the car in case of suffocation :P

I hope all these information are useful for you *smile*
Never take for granted that these "unglamorous" stuff won't be useful one day. At least when we are well prepared in the car, we don't need to search frantically for these when the need arise. How about you? What are your "must have" in the car?

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  1. My must have for the tot is a car seat, some toys n my diaper bag, which has everything in it! :)