Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Imperfect Eyesight

After going through the body check up & P1 injection in the school, YS came home telling me that the "doctor" in the school asked him to quickly get his spectacles done soon. After some nagging from him, I brought him to the normal optical shop for a quick check & sad to say he might join the "bookworm" look very soon :P
I was advised by the optometrist to bring him to the polyclinic for a detailed check on his eyes, right now it seemed like he has slight astigmatism. Oh dear! 


  1. You received a letter from the school already?

  2. that's ok.. geeky cool is in now :P hope his eyesight doesn't get worst.. but at least it's discovered early. When he was younger, my hubby had headaches for a while before he realised he needed glasses :/

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  3. I felt this way when my daughter also had to made glasses! And it gets worse each year as they grow up. It will only stabilize when they are much older... haiz...